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MBA in a box

2 years of business education in 101 cards.

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Be your own business coach

Challenges to think about and apply information.

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and Fun

Systematic tool for every business topic.

Who Is It For

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Sean Li Founder Expert Business
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“These Success Cards are incredibly high-quality and well-made. I honestly didn't expect them to be printed on such durable cardboard material that it feels like it'll last me flipping through them for decades.

Regarding the content, I went to a top-10 MBA, and I find the Success Cards cover a good breadth of topics and business challenges I learned about in school.

I have started and sold several successful businesses, and there are a lot of different challenges you'll run into across different areas of a business that require many different disciplines. Having the Success Cards on my desk is like having cheat cards on my desk to remind me of some business advice I forgot or provide a hint to help me through a business roadblock or challenge (e.g., marketing, operations, etc.). Overall, definitely worth the money.”

– Sean Li
Founder of Clever.fm & Alumni.fm 

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An Effective Approach

Starting a business is hard.
We try, fail, & learn. We read books, watch videos, and hire coaches. But what if the answers you seek are already inside of you, if you just knew the right question to ask?

In a busy world trying to steal your attention, we designed these cards as an enjoyable getaway to create the space you need to look inside while planning and working on your business.

Get quick access to the lessons from the world’s top business books and thought leaders. Each of these uniquely designed oracle cards helps you explore your business or idea from one of 101 different lenses, featuring a relevant quote from a renowned expert, top curated advice for inspiration, and, most importantly, the right questions to ask yourself to improve your life and business.

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This deck is AMAZING!!!! I’m blown away by how useful this deck is and how stunning it is as well. The creators took their time with this deck. I’m in love!!!

– Lady Jazmine

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“Love it! Already made progress on my business. These cards make it simple to take plan and take the next step.”

-Stan G

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“Beautiful cards! I love them and they are sitting on my shelf, I go to them whenever I need business advice.”

– Marianna Allen

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“Wonderful cards. I took them to my corporate job and they were a big hit...I had to pry them from their hands. Now they are back home safe with me:) lol”

– Spiffy Rascal

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“Love the quality and it helps me figure out what I need to do for myself as a business owner”

– K Lael

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“I love these beautiful cards. The seller is outstanding, great care in the packaging!!! highly recommend!!!

– Nilsa Lugo

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Success Cards Box

These 101 cards are large and tarot-sized at 5″x3.5″, each with a relevant, unique, and beautiful digital illustration. They come protected in a textured, scratch-resistant, gold-foil laminated box with a magnetic flip lid.

Worthy as a coffee table centerpiece, Success Cards make wonderful gifts for business people, aspiring entrepreneurs, clients, bosses, and employees!

How to Use Success Cards

To Plan, Manage, and Grow Your Business

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Guidance on Specific Topics

Feeling stuck? Pull the relevant card for a quick and elegant source of guidance on any aspect of your business including marketing, sales, operations, and more.

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Workbook for Starting a Business

Enjoy Success Cards sequentially to plan out every angle of your business A-Z. The cards cover every step of the entrepreneurial journey from beginning to end.

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Daily Meditation

Create the space for daily business planning to ensure constant growth and development of your business. Get insights you never would have otherwise!

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Group Brainstorming

Let the cards act as a cornerstone to team meetings to inspire excitement, maximise creative output, and bring the team together through an enjoyable experience.

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Make Your Own Use!

Invent games, use them as an oracle spread, the possibilities are endless!

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Get Your Set of Success Cards and Grow Your Business!